Social Commerce Through exclusive partnership, Beans is entrusted by Moxian to be localization partner for Moxian for non Chinese speaking countries

Online-to-Offline (O2O) business is the next big thing after E-Commerce.

This is a social network that integrates social media and business into a single platform. It focuses on developing mobile application and online platform that facilitate the small to medium size businesses to attract clients. Through the features, products and services offered on its platform, the Company seeks to create interactions between users and merchant clients, which will allow Merchant Clients to study consumer behavior. Its platform's components allow merchant clients to conduct targeted advertising campaigns and promotions. Its platform is also designed and built to encourage Users to return and refer new Users, each of which is a customer for its Merchant Clients. Its Social Customer Relationship Management allows Merchant Clients to input their customer details into the system.


Social Media

  • Find friends
  • Initiate and participate in activities
  • Analysis of user behavior and hobbies/interests

Information Acquisition

  • Data integration/ aggregation platform
  • All touchpoints data are acquired
  • Active/Passive filters

Data Analysis

  • Virtual currency tracking
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis and reporting
  • Provide data to support business decisions

User Classification

  • User attribute management
  • Marketing feedback, interactive participation
  • Consumer preferences
  • Fine grained user classification

User Profiling

  • Fully understand the user
  • Understand the user characteristics
  • Understand the real needs based on profile

Precision Marketing

  • Intelligent grouping of members
  • Basic information and user behavior
  • Develop accurate and effective marketing strategies

Virtual Currency Tracking

  • Virtual currency tracking
  • Association with user consumption
  • Real time analysis

Lifecycle Management

  • Alerts, alarms and incentive mechanisms
  • Attrition management mechanism
  • Marketing management system

Loyalty Management

  • Personalized activities reward
  • Personalized discounts
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Attrition management

Channels Monitoring

  • Online and offline sales channels
  • Real-time control of marketing activities
  • Real-time control of marketing activities

Interactive Communication

  • IM communications
  • Direct client interaction
  • Analysis of customer motivation

Development Services

  • Technical development
  • Software customization
  • System set up



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